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Godzilla (1962) joins the UA Monsters series! King Kong vs. Godzilla, became a historic hit making this one of the most popular of the Showa series! The characteristic expression, massive form, rugged dorsal fin and rough skin recreates the appearance of the Kingoji costume in a powerful scale of almost 12" tall!

In addition, the figure features a built-in light and sound gimmick unique to the series. Flip the switch to "ON1" on the pedestal and Godzilla's milky white dorsal fin emits pale white light. Switch to "ON2" and the dorsal fin blinks in conjunction with the powerful Godzilla roar, while the mouth also blinks and emits light!  Collect Kingoji, the king of Showa Godzilla today!

Pre-Order Closes: 9/20/2021

Release Date: 2/23/2022


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