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MUTO: Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism.
"MUTO" has been fighting Godzilla for 250 million years.
After defeating Godzilla, the species is the "worst natural enemy" that lays eggs on the corpse, breeds, and maintains the species. For about 250 million years, three-dimensionalization has not been done much, but it is a monster extraordinary place. It is on sale as a set of two male and female. Missile parts that can reproduce the scene in the play are also included.

[Set contents]

MUTO male x 1
MUTO female x 1
Missile parts x 1

[Product material]
MUTO male figure body: PVC / ABS
MUTO female figure body: PVC
Missile parts: PVC

[Product size]
MUTO female w26 .0cm x H 14.5cm x D17.0cm
MUTO Male w21.0cm x H10.0cm x D16.0cm

* The size is an approximate size.

Estimated Release Date: FEB 2022

Godzilla 2014 MUTO (Bandai Premium) - Two-Figure Set