The "Toho Tokusatsu Official Visual Book" is a series of characters (mainly monsters) that appear in Toho special effects films, edited in a single, single, and limited edition. This book (EX) is a special edition that deals only with super-weapons and famous actors who played an active part in Toho special effects.


Akira Takarada (1934-) is an actor who has appeared in numerous movies and dramas. In 1953, he began his life as an actor as the sixth student of Toho New Face. The following year, he performed his first starring role in Godzilla (1954) .Since then, he has worked energetically, including special effects movies, action movies, stages, musicals, dubbing of foreign films, moderators, and talent activities. Is leaving. His latest appearance is Dance With Me (2019). Currently belongs to Fuji Planning. In this book, behind-the-scenes photos of works selected from monsters and SF films that appeared in Toho are presented in chronological order. Please enjoy the attractive appearance of each age.

Specifications: All color, A4 horizontal type, 36 pages in total

Toho Tokusatsu Official Visual Book EX Vol.7 Akira

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