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From X-Plus!

X-Plus is happy to announce a fully colored and complete soft vinyl version of the 4th Awakening Godzilla, which uses the same exact mold as its predecessor! Sakai has masterfully recreated the epic scene that movie-goers witnessed towards the end of Shin Godzilla where Godzilla unleashes heat rays from both its mouth and tail. Every detail of the model has been recreated from the large arching tail to the awakened form's signature gaping jaw, appearing as if it was torn open on both sides.

Additionally, X-Plus has converted Sakai's cast prototype to wax and produced a master mold. All products are molded exclusively from this master mold, and X-Plus has focused on both minimizing wear and tear as well as reproducing as much detail as possible by utilizing soft vinyl material.

Product Features

  • 11.80 inches (30cm)
  • Made of soft vinyl
  • From the Shin Godzilla movie
  • Designed by Yuji Sakai
  • Standard Edition

X-Plus 30cm Shin Godzilla Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection (4th Awakening)

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